Too Busy to Update Your Digital Signs?

busyWe can do it for you! Our Creative Team are experts in marketing design. Our in-house artists will customize your presentations and meet your unique marketing needs to expand your customers’ attention and drive purchases of high margin items.

Our “Monthly Managed Services” includes:

  • Creation of Content
  • Maintain Your Personal Brand for Campaigns, Menus and Messaging
  • Manage Your Static and Animated Content
  • Manage Full Motion Videos
  • Device Monitoring and Management
  • Manage Content Scheduling, Distribution & Monitoring


 “We will make sure the right content plays at the right screen at the right time!”


Let us monitor your digital signage so you don’t have to!

Why Zem Media?
  • Easy to install, effortless to use, and you don’t have to maintain it
  • Save money on high printed menu costs
  • Easily control and change your prices and items remotely
  • Flexible day parting setup

Contact Your Account Representative to learn more about “Monthly Managed Services.”

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