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Zem Philosophy


Zem Philosophy:

To provide exceptional service and easy-to-use tools to make your content look good: Quickly, Effectively, Affordably, and Easily.

Zem Media is your complete end-to-end digital signage solution. From our “experienced” built players, to our easy configurable scheduling portal, the Zem Media goal is to make your job in managing your digital media easy and effective.

Zem Media has a deep understanding of what it takes to make you look good! Our strategies are driven by the desire to make your final solution impressive, sharp and unique! It’s not enough to display compelling artwork and messages, BRAND is also relevant!

Many of our customers have little or no marketing experience and therefore rely on Zem Media’s two decades of experience in the digital display arena to achieve dramatic and effective results. Our point-of-view when it comes to assisting in developing your marketing is:

• Brand Consulting and Development
• Brand Guidelines and Identity for Individual Projects
• Strong Use of Brand and Identity
• Help Customers Understand their Brand and Identity
• Consistent Messaging
• Engaging and Unique Messages
• A Touch of Uniqueness. Every Customer is Special!
• Custom Content Creation
• Custom Video Avatars and Video Spots
• Marketing and Template Creation to Make Future Content Creation Easy

When you combine the content creation with our custom avatars and video textures, as well as overlays and widgets, the end results are compelling and attention getting signage. Properly managed content will lead to increased message awareness