Zem Avatars Promote and Increase sales

kyklos3 kyklos2 kyklos1

It was a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon when our Zem Studio was invaded by Ancient Greek soldiers, senators, and citizens.

All were assembled as part of a Kyklos Food Menu Marketing campaign, in which the actors would be transformed into miniature Avatars that would appear on the Kyklos menu promoting various food items and services.

“The Avatars really bring awareness to the menu,”  said Sophocles, the owner of Kyklos Greek Cafe.  “People look longer at the food items, waiting for the next one to appear”.  Sophocles thought it would be fun to use his employees as actors/avatars and replace the generic ones that Zem provided, with ones more suitable for his Greek restaurant brand.

Check out the video below for a quick preview of their avatars. If you would like to visit our friends or learn more about them, please visit www.kyklosgreekcafe.com.