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Zem Media Service and Support


24/7/365 Service

You can feel confident that if you need service, someone is there to accept your call and provide assistance. We live in a 24/7 world. If you call for technical support, we will be there to answer your call.

Zem Media has developed a monitoring system called “Zem Connect” that will alert the technical team to potential issues with your screens at near-real time. What that means to you is that in many cases the Zem Media Service & Support Team will proactively resolve issues which you may not or may never know existed.

Zem Media has embraced cloud technology as a means to keep all of the Zem Media players configured with the latest updates. You will not have to personally initiate any needed changes. All updates and upgrades to the player software are done in the background.

Content stored on your player is also saved in the Zem Portal. If the player device goes bad or is stolen, you will not lose your playlist. We simply make arrangements to get you a new player and you will be back up and running with the same content as quickly as we can make it happen (usually within 24 hours).

Although you may not need it, as part of our core offering, Zem Media includes “Zem Portal End User Training” at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

If you wish to outsource your content creation, or integrate your digital network with a separate database, Zem Media has the professionals on staff . We provide a number of introductory professional services, consulting packages, and full branding engagements. It all starts with a discussion of what you want to accomplish with your Zem Media Digital Signage.


We’re happy to provide more information and answer any questions you have.