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Revenue Generation



Along with being Cost Effective, Zem Media Digital Signage will also typically help you Generate Revenue. Based on an aggregate of studies and anecdotal evidence, organizations that have implemented Zem Media Digital Signage projects have seen an uptick in revenue by up to 300%. Certainly, that’s not indicative of every project, however generally speaking, Zem Media Digital Signage has a positive impact on Revenue Generation and will increase sales.

Zem Media Digital Signage displaying QR codes typically stimulates customers or potential customers to inquire for more information at a higher frequency than may be realized through traditional means.

Customers typically have a higher rate of recalling and internalizing your branding message. Zem Media Digital Signage paints a picture in their head they won’t forget.

Typically the overall customer experience is enhanced positively after the installation of Zem Media Digital Signage. Customers remember the positives about your business and the digital signage enhances those existing positives.

You are also able to overcome space limitations. A traditional sign has one message and takes up a certain amount of finite space where the sign is located. You likely have many more messages that you wish to deliver to your audience. You now can do this digitally where traditionally you might have to look for additional “wall space.”

Zem Media Digital Signage also may allow for the creation of an additional revenue stream should you allow 3rd parties to have the ability to access your screens in order to provide advertising. For instance, a hotel may very well be able to sell advertising space to nearby restaurants generating income in a previously untapped area.


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