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The decision to implement Zem Media Digital Signage for your business is an important one and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For some businesses, digital signage is a significant investment. Hesitation is normal; however there is something that you should understand:

Compared against traditional “paper” signage, Zem Media Digital Signage is extremely cost effective. The ability to dynamically control content remotely is a huge advantage. Zem Media allows you to make frequent, rapid changes to your message which makes the process much more convenient and less time consuming. By using Zem Media Digital Signage, the costs of printing and shipping signage including physical labor involved with replacing signs, totally goes away.

There is no paper waste, there is no need to dispose of old content. Like many companies today, your company may have an ongoing “GREEN Initiative.” Zem Media Digital Signage often becomes a key component of that initiative.

Your “Audience,” i.e., your customers, will become more involved in your overall customer experience. Not only has society become more accustomed to seeing media in all forms of printed material, more so they EXPECT to see information presented digitally and Zem Media Digital Signage optimizes that comfort level.

Content can be delivered in accordance with any schedule you feel is appropriate to accomplish your goals. The Zem Media Digital Signage solution provide for day-part scheduling right down to the minute. If, for example, the display is in a convenience store, you may wish to advertise coffee in the morning and soft drinks in the afternoon.

You are also able to overcome space limitations. A traditional sign has one message and takes up a certain amount of finite space where the sign is located. You likely have many more messages that you wish to deliver to your audience. You now can do this digitally where traditionally you might have to look for additional “wall space.”

Our Zem Media Portal is entirely browser-based, allowing users to remotely control their signage. This allows for convenient accessibility from the comfort of your desktop, laptop, in your office or anywhere you can access the internet. It is also a tremendous time-saving advantage versus manual updates or systems that require local software installation and maintenance.

Most organizations have invested a good amount of funds and resources into developing content for their website or other electronic media campaigns. Leverage this existing content and use it for your digital signage campaigns which will allow you to get “more miles” out of those investments. Zem Media helps you to optimize your existing content.


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