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Zem Media Portal



There is no software to load locally on your computer. Easily access the Content Management System (CMS), or the “portal,” using your web browser. As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect from anywhere at any time and manage your fleet of digital signs

The portal works on the three most common internet access applications. For the best experience, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer.

It’s as simple as “Drag, Drop, & Play!” The portal is extremely easy-to-use and you can easily make changes to what is displayed on your screens.

You can schedule out your campaigns and special promotions well in advance from start date to end date, right down to the minute! This is most important for locations that might want to display different items for sale in the morning (for breakfast) than in the afternoon (for lunch). The Zem Media Portal also allows you to easily schedule specific day of week campaigns or promotions with a single click.

You are not tied to your desk or any single computer. As long as you have internet access, you can manage your content anywhere, anytime and you do not need to visit each screen location.

You can manage your screens based on your business parameters. For example, if you are a company that has multiple displays which contain certain groupings of signs based on geography which display the same content, they can be grouped together and can all update at the same time. This can be a tremendous time saver as opposed to making changes to each individual sign.

You can add motion to your screens by inserting movies or videos on top of the static screens. You can also insert avatars and widgets on top of the static screens.

By using our one click QR (Quick Response) Code generator, you can quickly and easily insert a QR Code directly on your display screen. The QR Code Generator is built into the portal. The use of the QR Code opens up a whole new world of business and marketing opportunities. Zem Media makes it simple for you to grow your business. The QR Code can be linked to artwork (coupons), text (a phone number), or any web address (URL).

If you are selling advertising on your display, you will be able to generate reports of playtime and supply them to your clients for billing purposes. This is available right down to the specific image level.

You are able to add live feeds of items like news, sports, and weather to your displays and you can integrate the feed from a Rich Site Summary (RSS).

The Zem Media Portal contains a built-in template engine and library. You will not need to start your content creation from scratch. Use our library of templates which is available within the portal at no additional cost. Pick and choose from the ever growing number of templates to use in your presentations. As more and more different industry verticals incorporate Zem Media into their businesses, our library continues to grow.

Zem Media can assist you in controlling what areas of the display screen or screens within your network by setting “permissions” to certain team members.

The Zem Portal contains an additional area called the “Z Drive” which is designed to be your own private storage receptacle. This allows you to place content that you might reuse into a convenient and easily accessible area on the portal. Content on the Z Drive will not get deleted unless you manually remove it.


We’re happy to provide more information and answer any questions you have.