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Zem Media Player



The decision to implement Zem Media Digital Signage for your business is an important one and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For some businesses, digital signage is a significant investment. Hesitation is normal; however there is something that you should understand:

You can be assured that Zem Media has selected a very high quality player for your system. The equipment you are investing in is reliable and is backed by a comprehensive 3-Year Warranty should unexpected repairs be needed.

The Zem Media Player is provided by one of the world’s leading computer manufacturers, Shuttle. The company has been in business for over 25 years and has a strong presence in the United States. Shuttle applies TQM (Total Quality Management) principles and has a strong commitment to customer service. Zem Media has chosen the best equipment for the solution.

The compact size means that it will easily meet the size requirements for nearly any digital signage project.

Zem Media is able to support all of these formats and with its “multi-layer” capability, they can all run at the same time.

Zem Media has the flexibility to allow you to play most of your current videos.

By implementing a PULL system of updating content (as opposed to one that “pushes” content to the players) the Zem Media Digital Signage insures against any potential interruption of service. The Zem Media “Pull” System will minimize interruptions because the pull only occurs when the unit is not in mid-display.

Once the content a.k.a “your Playlist” is downloaded, all content resides on the Zem Media Player. Your Player is not dependent upon having a persistent network connection. “Network Independent Playback” is important in case the internet connection is interrupted or goes down completely. If it should happen, Zem Media will continue to show the latest playlist that is in its memory.

NO BLACK SCREENS—Zem Media has been designed to eliminate any “black screen flash” between screens as one screen transitions to another. This provides a professional appearance to your display and is much more pleasing to the eyes of your audience.

What that means to you is that the Zem Media Player is delivered to you ready to go, saving you time and the costs associated with a more complicated installation. The unit merely requires power, an internet connection, and a display to connect to.

You don’t have to worry about doing any manual updates to the software. There is no local software to load or maintain. All updates, upgrades, and maintenance of any kind is done in the background by Zem Media Professionals.

Zem Media prides itself on providing maximum “Uptime” which means that you can count on your displays being able to receive their content day or night 24/7/365. This is very important when scheduling special playlists for specific defined times. Additionally, fail over components are built-in to test the player status and auto correct to ensure maximum up-time.

Zem Media’s “multi-layer” capability will allow you to attract attention to your static display by playing video on top of it.

The typical business starts with one or two displays. Soon after realizing the power of the Zem Media Digital Signage Solution, clients will want additional displays. You can feel confident that as your business grows; Zem Media will be able to grow with you. You will not need to make a costly re-investment due to size limitations.


We’re happy to provide more information and answer any questions you have.