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Join Our Team

Choose a career that looks to the future! Zem Media is looking at the growth of the Digital Industry and is positioned to become a leader in content delivery and setting creation standards. This level of achievement doesn’t happen by accident. It is in large part, the result of the ongoing hard work and passionate commitment of our employees and dealers.

Regardless of your professional background or industry expertise, when you make the decision to work with Zem Media, you’re embarking on a career path that is much bigger than you. Our resources make a difference. We promote learning, encourage creativity, and engage our staff in a positive way that we believe is essential to the success of our business.


We seek people who have experience with business, have drive and vision, possess superior communication skills, a proven record of success, excellence, and an unwavering commitment to accepting only the best for our customers. Candidates should possess experience in: sharing and understanding technologies; five years of successful business employment; three years as a sales administrator or executive; experience in creative decision making; a solid background in arts and marketing; excellent organizational, planning and implementation skills; as well as the ability to work productively and positively with customers, staff, and distributors.

What You Need to Apply

We follow a rigorous selection process. All candidates must:

  • Complete an application
  • Complete one to two leadership assessments
  • Provide a copy of their appropriate certificate(s)
  • Participate in interviews
  • Provide references


We’re looking for success in your own business circles, including achievement in: Sales, Service, Support, and Satisfaction. We want achievement-driven dealers with the ability to promote the Zem Media product with responsibility, encourage creativity, and engage customers in a positive way. We’ll want to know more about how you manage your business, contacts, and colleagues.

We invite you to join a team of employees that positively impacts an exciting and growing industry.