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Press Release

New ATM Digital Topper Universal Mounting System NOW AVAILABLE!

“Zem Media brings innovative new ATM Digital Topper solution to market that works with every make & model of ATM.”

Las Vegas, Nevada—October 10, 2017

Zem Media, the digital signage solution provider who brought one of the most economical and user friendly content management systems to the digital signage world, has announced today the availability of Zem Mount, a universal mounting system designed to quickly, easily, and economically bring digital signage to the world of ATMs by making it simple to add Digital Toppers to existing or new ATM installations.

The Digital Topper solution is designed to bring the dynamic world of cloud-based digital signage to the ATM in a simple manner.  The ATM deployer can now take advantage of the “real estate” above the ATM in a meaningful way along with giving them the opportunity to monetize that space.  The solution includes a 32” commercial grade HD LED Monitor and the Zem Media Player enclosed in a protective steel casing which presents a clean, professional appearance.  The Universal Mounting System® allows for a seamless installation experience on any make or model of ATM.  The content is managed using Zem Media’s easy to use Content Management System.  The deployer can develop and use their own content, typically specifically purposed for the ATM location, or Zem Media’s Content Creation Team can assist.



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About Zem Media

Zem Media is the Digital Marketing Solutions Division of JB Carter Enterprises, a 20 year old privately held company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, which also includes ATM Merchants Systems and Multi-Choice Cash.  Zem Media provides Digital Signage Solutions for all industry verticals and with the most dynamic, user friendly, scalable Content Management solution available today, gives customers the tools to get started with digital signage or to optimize their existing signage network.  Zem Media’s Professional Services Content Creation Department gives a company everything it needs to quickly and effectively take control over it’s digital marketing.  Zem Media is your End-to-End Digital Signage Solution Provider.

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Miscellaneous Information

Pumpkin….Spice….and Everything Nice!

Take your Halloween decorations to the next level with your Digital Signs. Here at Zem Media, we give you the freedom to move beyond static screens to create visually fun “attractions”.

Consider using avatars to draw your customers attention. Promote delicious pumpkin inspired foods with bouncing pumpkins or have “flying witches” move across your screens as part of your “digital” Halloween decoration. [spacer]


Contact us to learn more about “spicing” up your signs this Halloween Season.


Miscellaneous Information

What can retailers do to prepare for the busiest time of the year?

Holiday seasons are rapidly approaching!

According to our friends at, Retail marketers say developing content and promotions well ahead of time is the most effective thing that can be done to prepare for the winter holiday shopping season.

One-third of retailers who began planning before last September say they had a successful 2016 holiday season; only 22% of retailers who began planning in September or later say they had a successful 2016 holiday season.

Created by: Ayaz Nanji

Learn more about content planning by visiting our friends at:

Miscellaneous Information

Welcome Dixie Center! Our Latest Partner to Zem Media!

The Dixie Center is a premier convention destination. Located in the Southwest corner of Utah St. George offers an ideal year round climate and an abundance of recreation. Golf at 12 challenging golf courses, enjoy the many cultural activities, live theater, relax at our world renowned spas, hike in Zion National Park or just enjoy the breathtaking crimson sunsets and the most awe inspiring scenery in the world; St. George has it all. Experience the Dixie Center at St. George to make your next event simply unforgettable!


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Too Busy to Update Your Digital Signs?

busyWe can do it for you! Our Creative Team are experts in marketing design. Our in-house artists will customize your presentations and meet your unique marketing needs to expand your customers’ attention and drive purchases of high margin items.

Our “Monthly Managed Services” includes:

  • Creation of Content
  • Maintain Your Personal Brand for Campaigns, Menus and Messaging
  • Manage Your Static and Animated Content
  • Manage Full Motion Videos
  • Device Monitoring and Management
  • Manage Content Scheduling, Distribution & Monitoring


 “We will make sure the right content plays at the right screen at the right time!”


Let us monitor your digital signage so you don’t have to!

Why Zem Media?
  • Easy to install, effortless to use, and you don’t have to maintain it
  • Save money on high printed menu costs
  • Easily control and change your prices and items remotely
  • Flexible day parting setup

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