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Too Busy to Update Your Digital Signs?

busyWe can do it for you! Our Creative Team are experts in marketing design. Our in-house artists will customize your presentations and meet your unique marketing needs to expand your customers’ attention and drive purchases of high margin items.

Our “Monthly Managed Services” includes:

  • Creation of Content
  • Maintain Your Personal Brand for Campaigns, Menus and Messaging
  • Manage Your Static and Animated Content
  • Manage Full Motion Videos
  • Device Monitoring and Management
  • Manage Content Scheduling, Distribution & Monitoring


 “We will make sure the right content plays at the right screen at the right time!”


Let us monitor your digital signage so you don’t have to!

Why Zem Media?
  • Easy to install, effortless to use, and you don’t have to maintain it
  • Save money on high printed menu costs
  • Easily control and change your prices and items remotely
  • Flexible day parting setup

Contact Your Account Representative to learn more about “Monthly Managed Services.”

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Use Emotion in Your Marketing Strategy


Businesses and marketers might have you believe that consumers make purchasing decisions based on rational and logical thought. The truth is, according to a study by people rely more on their emotions when making a purchase.

The most common emotions people use to make shopping decisions are: Happiness, Sadness, Anger/Disgust and Afraid/Surprised. As a marketer it is important to educate and guide your customer to offer a solution to their emotions with your products or services.

Digital Signage is a great way to appeal to your buyers’ emotions. A good example is through the use of videos. You can showcase a story about how your services have helped a community or changed a person’s life. You can also have loyal customers give a great review about their shopping experience at your business.

Remember we are humans, humans who mainly use emotions to connect with our favorite brands and products through feelings and memories. This is why marketers would rather use emotional advertising than educational or informational ads. People will most likely associate with a feeling or a memory rather than a “slideshow of heavy facts.”

So take some time and learn about your customers and their needs. What can you offer them? How will it help them? How can you leave a lasting impression? Use this information to influence their decision-making process.

Digital Marketing

Effective Marketing Tip

5 Words or Less!  4 Steps! 3 Seconds!

The 5-4-3 rule is a great way to gauge the amount of information you place on a single marketing screen when targeting open groups that may only get to see your digital content in passing. A common problem with many first time digital sign users is to oversaturate your message with too much information. It’s understandable, especially when many designers are used to print media. Digital signage allows you to take a message and break it up over multiple segments. Since the sign is in constant change, you can perhaps change various point of your message while keeping it simple. You can show the same artwork with different text.  There are many ways to get your message out across multiple screen changes.  This will keep your messages short, understandable and hold your target audiences interest.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Save time and money while capturing the attention of your targeted audience
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Two issues that face any modern company in getting out product and service information: 1. The ability of the staff to utilize modern technology and, 2. The delivery method in which to get the message in front of prospects. Often companies will invest large sums of money in technologies, which in short time become unused and stale due to the complexity of the software or a change in staff. The high costs to deliver the content to the public utilizing modern technologies or paper can also become quite daunting.

– Our goals in working with you.

The Zem Media concept is a solution designed to help standardize business expenses and minimize wasteful spending while increasing the effectiveness of your marketing.

The Zem Media portal along with the Zem Media Player are “Experience-designed” and “Purpose-Built” to meet these requirements. Nearly two decades of digital media and content management experience has given us the “Real World” experience allowing us to optimize effective content delivery and media display methods. Our unique management system allows the end user to easily send content to multiple devices all at once while the “Content Layered” Zem Media Player displays the results in a highly desirable, mixed media display.


Most businesses may or may not have the luxury of a well-informed, highly technical, marketing department and often have to outsource various functions to costly marketing firms or place the responsibility with inexperienced employees. Zem Media now makes it possible to have your artwork “designed to get attention” using premade video avatars, on-screen video widgets, or your own creative media. Change out any one of the 3 layers without effecting the other two, or use only the single layer approach. It’s up to you or your staff. The flexible and easy to use solution is designed to meet your specific needs and abilities! Our experience has demonstrated that unless the software is simple and easy to use, some employees may feel reluctant to learn. The Zem Media Web Portal addresses this with the simple 1-2-3 “Upload–Drag’n’Drop–Play” interface. The software as a service model is utilized with your pocketbook in mind. Many of our customers have shared with us the concern of purchasing standalone software only to find that several years down the line, they need to “re-purchase” a more modern “Version 2”.

The User Interface was designed based on almost 20 years of experience in dealing with marketing departments throughout the United States and the issues that arose while interacting with various businesses and their staff. The Zem Media Portal can be sectioned into User BANKS which allow individual users to access only materials relevant to their tasks and nothing more. The software has been visually designed to give the user a familiar experience based on digital gadgets like tablets and mobile phones with the intention of bringing “Ease of use” to a broader user base.