Zem Media Print Menu


In some industries, a menu can be overly volatile. This creates challenges for a business that wants to print a daily menu for their customers. In the case of one such customer in Nevada, Zem Media had already produced an auto updated “digital” menu display. So the question was asked, “Can Zem Media provide a printable version?”

The answer was a resounding, “YES WE CAN!”

In fact, Zem Media went a little further as to allow the client to print sections of the menu or all of the menu from anywhere within their establishment. The Print Menu is a simple User Interface, displaying buttons of the menu sections.  The User can simply pull up the interface from any Phone, Tablet, or PC and click the appropriate section to print out.

The “Print” Application can be used with other types of exchange of data as well. Contact Zem Media for more information at 1-844-804-1395 or email us at contact@zem-media.com.