Zem Media Interfaces to new POS system

The challenge: Large volatile menu boards where stock is constantly being introduced or runs out.  The Solution:  Direct interface to POS API. 

Our customer would spend large amounts of time with dedicated staff to constantly update menu items for their in-house digital displays.  After investigating their POS system and determining that the POS system had an API for exactly this purpose, our client asked if Zem could interface to their system to auto-update their in-house menus.

Zem Media software support was able to customize a solution that would allow the content to be auto-updated, as well as give their staff the ability to interact with the signage by using a Bluetooth input device.  The results: The staff can roll through the large menu and focus on specific customer needs.  When no one is using the menu, the items will auto-scroll, page by page, showing off all the items within the evergrowing/shrinking menu.

If items run out, the menu will auto-update within one minute, making this solution ideal for the client and reducing employee time spent in making constant changes.  Finally, the menu is built on the Zem Digital Sign logic, allowing the customer to upload marketing materials, video, or soft watermarks. Making the menu beautiful as well as engaging.

If your company needs information on integrating to your POS sytem, please contact your account rep or Zem Media for more details.