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Tips and Tricks

Out of Fresh Ideas for Content?


No worries, we’re here to help! Take a look at these 5 ideas that are sure to inspire you:

  1. Contests: Advertise your current contest along with the rules and deadlines. The more people that can find out about your contest, the more entries you will receive.
  2. Donors: A great way to show appreciation to those who have donated to your organization is by listing their name and recognizing their contribution. Add some background by adding photos, videos, audio or text. Describe your current or future projects and how it has helped your organization succeed.
  3. FAQ’s: Answer your most common questions to your clients right away. This could address topics such as: new security concerns, payment options or how to access certain products. Make their visit faster and more efficient.
  4. Employee Recognition: Increase morale by congratulating a great staff member. This is the perfect way to create an openness among your clients and employees.
  5. New Locations: Opening a second, third or even a tenth location? Make sure to share it! Promote your business with photos, hours of operation and the address to boost up your brand recognition.

Is there anything in particular you’d like us to touch base on? Let us know what you would like to learn! You can email us at

Digital Signage Design Tips


The key trick to designing your digital signs is to not overwhelm your visitors with numerous options. You want to grab their focus and attention by “catching their eye” with intriguing content.

Once you have their attention, offer them some interesting content. Maybe some helpful information or an interesting fact—something along the lines of what your business does.

After you reeled them in this far into your design, it’s time for the call-to-action. Guide your visitors to do what you want them to do. Use a contrasting color to highlight your call-to-action, for example: “Follow us on Facebook or Buy 2 get 1 Free.”

In the following example, the colors of the call-to-action really stand out. It’s a simple design and not too overwhelming. The information is clear, the design is pleasant, and the call-to-action is easy to see.


Tips and Tricks


Make Static .jpg Files Look Like Video

A great way to utilize the power of your Digital Marketing is to introduce parts of your message across multiple slides. If you time your slides correctly, you can achieve an almost video like playback.

Here’s a quick rundown of how I did this across a 15 second message sequence:

I started with a blank blue background image (jpg with only color) with a slide duration of 0 seconds.

I scrolled in the first image choosing the “scroll left” transition.  Slide duration of 1 second.


Then I used a “scroll right” transition for the next image. Slide duration of 1 second.


It now looks like each slide animates in and out grabbing your viewers attention.  I then use “scroll left” for our first message with a slide duration of 1 second.


Followed by a FADE IN message for 1 second.


The text “IMPORTANT” looks to be the only thing that fades in on the screen.  I then use FADE IN again for the next screen.


Now it looks like the text “IMPORTANT” changes color to emphasize the point.

I let that sit for 3 seconds then select slide horizontal for the final message.


And voila! A video like playback using only STILL .jpg images!


This general idea can be used to introduce blocks of text, have objects slide in and out of messages… You can even play with image focus….

Stay tuned to learn new tips and tricks!