Monthly Archives: March 2017

New “Drag and Drop” Uploader!

  You can now drag and drop to upload new content! We've added a new uploader to your dashboard. There, you can simply drag and drop new artwork to your scheduled graphics. No flash plugin or update is required. Compatible on MAC and PC operating systems. Try adding new content to your screens today! If you have any questions,…
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Now Interfacing with Adilas POS Platform!

We Are Proud to Announce Our Successful Interface to Adilas POS Platform Why Automate? THE ISSUE:  Some industries have very volatile menus where inventory can evaporate in minutes as well as introduce new items. This type of constant, ever changing inventory levels, can make your digital menu display difficult and challenging to manage.  To stay on top of…
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Use Emotion in Your Marketing Strategy

Businesses and marketers might have you believe that consumers make purchasing decisions based on rational and logical thought. The truth is, according to a study by people rely more on their emotions when making a purchase. The most common emotions people use to make shopping decisions are: Happiness, Sadness, Anger/Disgust and Afraid/Surprised. As a…
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